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In a world where compromise is the norm there are those who refuse to conform, to whom creativity, lasting quality and integrity mean never accepting anything less than the very best in all things.

1 Like No Other, launched in 2002 in Northern Ireland, embodies values in collections which are as much luxurious works of art as they are clothing. Its cloths are selected by our designers from the finest European Mills. The exclusive, unique prints feature throughout the collections, with signature seasonal designs appearing as collar inserts, under cuffs and as jacket or coat linings.

Every season a new concept brings innovative print design, a focus on colour and detail. We have a very considered approach, each style in the collection is different and to observe this every item has is own limited edition number, this sets us apart, creates a statement and a personality it makes us... 1 Like No Other.

Floral Print Mens Shirts from One Like No Other