Trousers; the bottom half of a suit? Well, yes, but much much more and includes, for our purposes, the jean. Jeans are probably the single most worn form of trouser in the world today. Indeed many men wear no other form of trousers. While we would never advocate this approach we do feel that the jean, as a casual trouser, deserves to be strongly represented in every man's wardrobe.
Because of the great fit and superb fabric we concentrate our jean collection largely on the Camel Active range but we also have forms of the jean from Meyer and Florentino.
Corduroy, flannel, cotton twill and moleskin are also important fabrics in our trouser range all of which you will find represented from the makers below.

Meyer Trousers from WJ Bennett MenswearMens Autumn and Winter TrousersMens Jeans at WJ Bennett MenswearMens Trousers from MeyerMens Jeans from MeyerMMX Trousers and Jeans from WJ Bennett Menswear
Meyer Trousers from WJ Bennett Menswear