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This ancient Town is as compact as a little city, stored with Buildings and consisting of several streets…It is built on a little Hill...Beautified with a large Church called St Mary… The Town is of beautiful prospect to look upon in any way.

Thus, the 17th century scholar Samual Jeake described the town of Rye and his description holds as true today as it did then.

Jeake was a native of Rye and a famous son of this little town perched, as it is, on a sandstone rock above the river Rother. Rye was once the most important port in England and had a major ship building industry supplying ships for the king's navy. Ships are still important to Rye it's just that most are rather smaller than the ones we built for Edward III and go fishing for a living; catching among other things the famous Rye Bay Scallops.

If you go to the links page you will find a number of sites of local interest including one to Jeakes House, the guest house that now occupies old Samuel's former home in Mermaid Street.

Come visit us, you will not be disappointed.


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Bonfire Night in Rye 2010Rye From Saltcote PlaceThe Fishing Quay at RyeThe Landgate RyeOld Fishing Boat at DungenessThe Beach and cliffs at Pett Level
Bonfire Night in Rye 2010